dental implants

Do you want new teeth but are unwilling to wait for several months to get them?

sinus lift for dental implant

Undergoing dental implant surgery is an ideal treatment option when you lose a tooth. For the implants to thrive, they require the sturdy support of the jawbone. To ensure that this happens, your dentist may recommend a sinus lift.

Man who lost his front tooth

Shocking statistics suggest that by the age of 50, Americans have lost an average of 12 of their teeth. Despite tooth loss being so common, missing teeth can leave people facing issues such as difficulty biting and chewing, speech impediments and feelings of self-consciousness, embarrassment and even shame about the appearance of their smile.

woman considering dental implants or all in four

Dental implants are a form of dental restoration that replace tooth roots. They are a good solution for individuals who have missing teeth. However, you must choose between conventional dental implants or All-on-Four® to get the results you desire. Read more to find out about the two options.

dental implants

Your teeth have a direct relationship with your general health. When you ...

dental anesthesia

Has your dentist informed you that you need to undergo a dental procedure?

missing teeth

Did you know that millions of Americans suffer tooth loss every year? This is despite improvements in dental care.

At What Age Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed? | Weston, FL

If you have pain or swelling in your wisdom teeth, you may need extraction soon. However, do you still need to get them extracted even when they are not bothering you? Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing teeth misalignment and pain in your mouth. It is thus essential to know the appropriate age to get them extracted for your good.

Jaw Surgery

Jaw damage can impair a person’s ability to perform essential functions. Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic, can correct facial damage and imbalance, allowing the bones to fit correctly. It can improve an individual’s quality of life. You can find out what to expect from jaw surgery. 

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a combination of drugs that keep you unconscious. They are useful when a patient is about to undergo surgery or other painful procedures. When under anesthesia, a patient cannot feel pain from being entirely unconscious.

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